Apprenticeship in Oncology (F/M)

Published on
9 May2019

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Croissy-sur-Seine (78)

Start date

September 2019

Job description

Curing cancer is one of the greatest challenges of our times with “cancer” comprising more than 200 different diseases. Moreover, the approach to therapy is becoming more and more personalized and patient-centric and our aim is to develop novel therapeutics that will improve patient outcome selectively targeting cancer cells but not healthy tissues thus improving the therapeutic window. We are currently developing novel small molecules targeting aberrant pathways that provide a growth advantage to cancer cells.

In our oncology department located in Croissy-sur-Seine, near Paris, you will be in charge of testing novel small molecules in cells to assess their effect on cell viability and downstream pathway regulation and compare them to reference compounds.

Initially, you will be trained by experienced members of our team to perform the assays and then you are expected to independently perform the assays.


  • Cell viability assays,
  • Immunoblotting,
  • ELISA,
  • Cell transfections / transductions.

Required profile

- Master in cell biology, biochemistry, pharmacology or molecular biology

- A previous experience in a laboratory is preferable.

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